Complaint Policy


The Kid Catch Foundation wants to preserve our reputation of providing high quality services. We value and encourage complaints as they assist us to improve our services.

This policy has been created to provide guidance to users of our Directory, those listed in the Directory, and our staff on the manner in which The Kid Catch Foundation receives and manages your complaint.

We are committed to being consistent, impartial, and to resolving your complaint as quickly as possible.


Definition of a Complaint

In this policy a complaint means a statement of dissatisfaction by a consumer who used the Directory or a professional who was listed in the Directory provided by us.


Our Responsibilities

To provide a consistent and structured mechanism for handling complaints.

To keep you informed as to the progress of your complaint and the expected time for resolution.


Handling Your Complaint

Step One

Making the complaint.  If you have a complaint with any aspect of our Kid Catch Directory, we urge you to contact us by our email complaint process.  Send your complaint by email to [email protected], and include “complaint” in the subject line.

Step Two

Our response.  Your complaint will be handled by the Executive Director of the Foundation, Michael Scheeringa, M.D. 

After receiving the complaint, we will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 7 days.

After a complaint is made, we may need to investigate it.

We will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint, proposed actions, and the expected time of resolution.

Our aim is to resolve complaints in a timely manner, and we will generally resolve a matter within 30 days.

Complex cases may take longer than 30 days to resolve.  In these cases, we will regularly update you on the progress and likely time for resolution.

Step Three

We will inform you of the outcome of your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint, you may ask for a reconsideration of the response in writing (email counts), and it shall be reviewed by the full Board of Directors.