Chronic Pain

To find clinicians who treat chronic pain with psychological methods, click on the Find a Provider button above and click on “chronic pain” in the Issues box.  The search results will find over two dozen providers.  There are likely many more providers who can help with chronic pain but do not advertise it.

Note that these are not providers who prescribe pain medications.  For straightforward pain control with medications or procedures, search the internet outside of the Kid Catch directory with terms such as “pain management,” “pain specialist,” or “pain intervention.”

Psychological interventions can be helpful when chronic pain causes secondary impacts on emotions.  Individuals can become depressed, anxious, and feel hopeless.  Individuals can benefit by discussing their frustrations and learning new psychological coping skills.

Patients with pain tend to benefit most from pain medications and procedures though.  Perhaps the most challenging situations are when doctors cannot find causes for the pain and are reluctant to aggressively treat pain symptoms.  Psychological treatments are often of limited benefit in those situations, and it can be very frustrating for patients to find satisfactory answers.

If you are a provider who specializes in chronic pain, or know someone who does, please share that information with us by emailing [email protected].


This page was last edited September 23, 2020.