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We know the mental health system is a confusing maze.  Kid Catch’s Mental Health Treatment Quality Project was created to find a way out. No vague A-B-C ratings or rants by unhappy customers.  We collect only objective reviews so you can see what providers really treat, how they treat, and what kind of outcomes they get.

How providers are rated on this website is 100% driven by consumers like you. No strings attached.

It’s easy and takes about 3 minutes.

"I tried calling a dozen people before I found someone who could treat my child’s problem. I wish I had known about Kid Catch sooner!"

Rate your child's experience in 2 easy steps

  • Part one collects basic data on your child’s age, gender, provider and issue.
  • Part two contains 14 multiple choice questions about how your child is doing right now.

In 3 months, we’ll send you a handy reminder email to answer the 14 questions again to see how things have improved!

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To keep you anonymous from your provider, data is not made public until there are at least 5 reviews for a single provider and at least 1 month has passed since you submitted your review.

It is important to us to keep these ratings honest. All reviews are subject to a screening process to guard against individuals that try to provide dishonest ratings or individuals who try to review on themselves.